Human-ing: Fifty Steps

  1. Accept compliments, give compliments.
  2. Put your phone down.
  3. Offer someone your seat on a crowded day.
  4. Splurge on brunch.
  5. Write a letter.
  6. Know a dirty joke.
  7. Be patient with those learning your language.
  8. Learn a language, or two, or three.
  9. Make time to be silent once a day.
  10. Fall madly in love.
  11. Share your knowledge, talent, and wealth.
  12. Get a mani-pedi.
  13. Get a massage.
  14. Get a facial.
  15. Sleep naked.
  16. Sign up for a 5k.
  17. Cut out gossip.
  18. Get lost.
  19. Remember birthdays.
  20. Avoid the absurdity that is “reality tv.”
  21. Have a mentor.
  22. Read the classics.
  23. Care for a pet.
  24. Tour a castle.
  25. Hold doors open for others.
  26. Say Please.
  27. Say Thank you.
  28. Vote.
  29. Solve a puzzel.
  30. Dance all night at a wedding.
  31. Treat someone to coffee.
  32. Be the shoulder your friend can cry on.
  33. Test drive your dream car.
  34. Hike.
  35. Try an expensive wine.
  36. Buy from a farmers market.
  37. Minimize judgment.
  38. Learn about a religion or belief different from your own.
  39. Express gratitude.
  40. Hug your grandparents and listen to their stories.
  41. Prepare a vegan meal.
  42. Read to a child.
  43. Delight in differences.
  44. Be interested.
  45. Take a nap.
  46. Check out new restaurants.
  47. Forgive.
  48. Reflect.
  49. Dash towards the unfamiliar.
  50. Remember that you are perfectly imperfectly human.

*Daily Prompt


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