On Me Before You

The buzz about this love story is well deserved.  It is an absorbing read that delves into the very essence of romance, namely, a deep emotional connection.  We can be swept away by tales of romance involving white knights, billionaires, and hot paranormal beings.  Me Before You focuses on the foundation of love, one that fosters a special type of spiritual growth between a couple.  It is a reminder of how, when two people choose each other, they can learn from one another and become the best version of themselves.

If you’ve heard of Me Before You, then you may be privy to the warnings that it’ll make you cry.  This is entirely possible.  However, the core of the story should uplift you.  Ultimately, the love shared in this book is a sweet exchange of devotion, encouragement, and sincere care for the other.  It highlights what romance, at its finest moment, is all about.




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