You know You’re a Writer When…


You know you’re a writer when:

  1. There’s an endless supply of post-it notes at your disposal.
  2. A fresh journal to pen your ideas sends your heart into a pleasant flutter.
  3. You know all the best book stores and consider visiting new ones an essential part of any holiday.
  4. A good review makes you feel like you can conquer the world and bust out a decent version of “The hills are alive…” a la The Sound of Music.
  5. Being lost in thought is considered working.
  6. Experience bouts of crippling self doubt.
  7. Admire the “greats” and wish you could have a coffee date with them.
  8. Find it impossible to list a top ten favorite books.  Just 10?  Puhhh-lease!
  9. Will stay up all night writing out a chapter because who needs sleep?
  10. Worry that no one will like your book.
  11. Hope that people will love your book.
  12. Make mental notes of other people’s quirks to use on a character.
  13. Coffee is not a beverage, it is fuel.



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