I’m currently working on my fourth book in my Oasis Resort Series.  The effort to crank out another love tale is daunting.  Indeed, producing good romance stories has been a delightfully consuming process.

Thinking of where I am now in authorship and contrasting that with where I’d like to be, I find myself overwhelmed.

To keep this from interfering with the creative process I must take a moment to recall my “firsts.” In Jack Canfield’s book The Success Principles, one tidbit of advice was to list out milestones and victories in order to propel one’s enthusiasm for future work.  What has been accomplished?

Writing and selling books is a journey after all, and nothing happens overnight.  I hope my list will inspire you, dear readers, who are in the throes of a project.

  1. The first five star rating for a book!
  2. The first author, Jill Shannon, in my genre to reach out, communicate with me, and offer honest feedback on my work.  (Click here for her fabulous novel.)
  3. The first direct deposit for books sold.
  4. The first acceptance to publish my full length novel, The Writer’s Desire, (out in April by Evernight Publishing).
  5. The first few Twitter followers.
  6. The first reviewer to agree to review my book (just happened this morning!)

To everyone toiling away at their dream, let’s celebrate the beginnings, the firsts, the initial steps behind the big picture!

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