A Writer’s Balance

Numbers.  Vision.  Goals.

In my journals and on post-it notes scattered around my home I write and re-write goals in the form of numbers. It’s possible that my number devotion could rival Alan Turing.

By re-writing I mean on a weekly basis, because there is something powerful about putting to paper a number you seek to achieve.

Now, what are these numbers attached to goals?

  1. Books sold per month.
  2. Word Count for the week.
  3. Books written by the end of summer.
  4. Stars/reviews

Essentially, I’m constantly reminding myself of where I’d like to be with my books/writing in the near and long term future.  Of course, this comes with the recognition that I am not there now, and I have a lot to learn.  That being said, I’m enjoying the journey immensely. (What’s not to love about writing erotic romance?)

I invoke the principle of setting a clear vision, and by returning to the numbers and prompting my hand to recreate the numbers, my focus can’t help but zero in on the goals I’ve set for myself.  At the beginning and end of every day I allow my mind to conjure up the image and feeling of these numbers being realized.

FullSizeRender copy
I jumped for joy at the sight of my first 5 star rating!

However, a balance must be struck between dreaming and accomplishing.  A dream without a plan is only a dream.  Likewise, work without a dream is fruitless.  What is all of the work for?

One of the best bits of advice I’ve ever read came from the book The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People.  The first habit: successful people focus on what they can control.

For example, with respect to my list, #1 and #4 are outside of my control.  No matter how much energy I put into visualizing the number of reviews and books sold, I cannot manifest its reality; however, I CAN control the amount and quality of my writing .

Keeping this habit in mind greatly helps launch me into work mode, the mode I nestle in between the morning and evening dreaming. Reflecting on what resides within my circle of control, I sit at my desk a little straighter, a tad more confident, an element of fuck-yeah tethered to my fingers tapping away at the keyboard.  The pleasure of writing surfaces and I immerse myself in bringing the love tale from my mind into the written (typed) word.

In the last few months of this writing trek I’ve found the need for both dreaming a glorious outcome and focusing on the process.  I mustn’t be lost in one side of the equation.  Ultimately, the books are meant to entertain and contribute to the world of romance reading.   That underscoring purpose drives my motivation.








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