More Than Writing

I’m embarking on this journey of writing…erotic romance!  How that all began will be for another post, dear readers.  For now, I am in the throes of learning about this business.  Here are a some of the issues I’ve recently encountered.

  1. The pros and cons of a pen name.  By using a pen name I’ve been able to write with an enormous amount of freedom.  Given the nature of the stories (Oasis Resort Series), I needed a curtain over my everyday existence. Creating the persona of an author allowed me the breathing room to write…a few naughty scenes here and there, but ultimately tales of love.  The major drawback, or con, is quite simple: no one knows me.  I truly am beginning anew, and it is humbling to find an audience.

    Greetings!  I’m Dorothy!
  2. OMG Twitter!  I love Twitter.  I love the chance to connect with other authors, and I hope someday to tweet with readers, when (fingers crossed) I have a following.  Being on Twitter poses a catch, namely, there are many (many, many, many) writers promoting their books making it is easy to get lost in the feeds and struggle to find a connection.
  3. Reviewers Wanted!  Writing is not the difficult part of the process.  In fact, I crave those days when I’m ensconced in a story, forget to eat, do laundry, or run to the grocery store.  Essentially all normal human activity falls by the wayside.  While writing the novella Heated, I suspended everything for at least a week because I couldn’t bear to break from the story unfolding.  BUT, finding people to review your book, especially when brand spanking (couldn’t resist) new to this world of writing, feels like a monumental hurdle.  Honestly, I had no idea.  I’ve fired off emails, re-checked e-mails, and gone slightly mad in the process.  When I step back, though, I realize it doesn’t matter at the moment.  It will happen.  I will get a review.  I can’t get bogged down by that and lose focus on future writing. In fact, it has made me conscious of the importance of letting an author know you enjoyed their work.  Consequently, I’ve been on Goodreads and Amazon leaving stars and reviews.
  4. Seasoned and New authors, I’d love to hear from you.  What was your learning curve? Anything you’d change?  Best advice?

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